A Conversation Between Siblings

I spent the weekend with the marvelous Katerina Whitley at one of her Women Writers Workshops. The location alone inspires the heart at mind, as we gather at the Valle Crucis Conference Center. Then Katerina sparks our imaginations with prompts that get our wheels churning. For this prompt, she had us share a list first of our top ten favorite words and then a list of our top ten most hated words. After sharing, she asked us to write some dialogue containing as many of the words as possible. This was the fun conversation that showed up in my mind.

If you don’t know Katerina’s work, I recommend you check her out author page on Amazon: Katerina Katsarka Whitley.

Now for a typical conversation between two siblings…

“Hand me that wrench.”

“Lucifer, I don’t know why I let you talk me into helping you.”

“Gabriel, shut up. You’re just helping me fix my Thunderbird. It’s not like your corrupting souls or anything.”

“I guess so. It just feels ontologically wrong somehow, even if it is just a car.”

“Good Lord, Gabe. You’re such an infant. Stop worrying so much. Besides, I can’t change a driveshaft by myself.”

“Fine. Here, take the wrench. Just don’t tell Momma I’m here…like she doesn’t know already. That whole omniscience thing can be inconvenient at times.”

“What do you have to worry about? I’m the one who gets in all the trouble. As much as I can fool humanity, I’ll never be able to deceive her. “

“Luci, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Gabe. Shoot. But hand me that socket wrench first.”

“Don’t you ever want to come home? I mean really. Don’t you ever want to come back? You always seem so sanguine about the whole thing but surely you miss it, and us.”

“Honestly? No. Not anymore. After I left that holy aviary, it took a while for me to get over feeling abandoned and abused. But I’ve accepted I’m a hopeless case and now love my lot in this world…Can I ask you something?”

“I guess…”

“Don’t you ever want to come hang out with me? I have more fun…”

“Luci! Don’t even kid about a thing like that. How would it look for the one who announced the coming of the messiah to be hanging around some nightclub with the Morning Star? I don’t think so. Besides, a big part of why I keep coming is in hopes that one day I’ll get to see your great metamorphosis from lost boy to prodigal son. She’d have you back anytime you were ready. I just want to be here the day you decide to make that leap.”

“You’re a sad sap, you know that? It doesn’t matter how much time passes, I still consider that goodbye to be permanent. I’ve abused too many of Momma’s beloved souls for her to want to see my face or wings anytime soon.”

“For sure you’ve been ferocious in your pursuit of their weaknesses and voracious in exploiting them… Actually, now that I think about it, never mind. You’re right, you’re a horrible person.”

“Thanks, Gabe. I’ll take that as the compliment you did not intend. I’ve built enough power under me, thanks to human nature, that it would be hard to go back to feeling impotent and useless.”

“Lucifer, that’s what you never could understand. The ineffable…”

“Ineffable what?”

“Never mind. I’ll just keep coming back with the knowledge that one day, you will.”

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  1. lov2shoot says:

    What a great exercise that brought out a deep “sibling conversation.” Katerina knows what she’s doing and so do you.


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