Events: Workshops, Retreats, and Speaking Engagements

Contact me through my contact page if you would like for me to visit your group or organization or lead a retreat or workshop.

Upcoming Events:

One Day Retreat in February! To register, follow the link in the contact page to fill out the registration form. Please let me know if you have any issues with the link.

Cost is $25 online and $40 for in person. Lunch will be provided for those attending in person.

I am delighted to share that my friend and local physical therapist and yoga instructor Joanne Hamilton will offer a free restorative yoga session during lunch! This session will be 20-30 minutes and no special clothing or yoga mat will be required.

Sometime in 2023:
I will offer at least two retreats in the coming year to my followers. One will be on themes related to my book, Phe and the Work of Death, and how we might combat the negative grief culture that surrounds us. The other will be on “The Life You Choose,” discussing how we can increase awareness of the influences that guide our decision making in order to feel more control over the things that direct the path our lives take.

January 2023 Church Visits: St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, First United Methodist Church (one Sunday School class and one weekday seniors group visit).

February 2023: Daughters of the King, Grace-Calvary: exploring themes of my book, Phe and the Work of Death (Closed Event)

February 2023 Church Visits: First United Methodist Church Sunday School Class, Lanier Village Estates Sunday Worship Service

February 2023: Lanier Village Estates guest speaker

March 2023: Women’s Prayer Brunch, Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, guest presenter: “Mindfulness in the Mundane: finding prayerful and Spirit-filled moments in everyday activities.” (Closed Event)

March 2023: One Day Retreat, Resurrection Episcopal Church: topic TBD (Closed Event)

April 2023 Church Visits: St. Mary’s and St. Martha’s Episcopal Church

May 2023: Symposium on Aging, Gainesville GA: Community Speaker connecting the symposium theme of “Dancing from the Inside Out” to those of my book, Phe and the Work of Death. We will explore how more honesty around grief in our culture can lead us to healing from the inside out. (Event Open to the Community. Registration information to come.)

May 2023 Church Visits: St. Clare’s Episcopal Church

May 2023: Women’s Weekend Retreat, St. Alban’s. Retreat Leader on “The Life You Could Have: Better Understanding the Forces that Influence Our Decision Making.

June 2023 Church Visits: Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Past Events:

(Closed Event)
Retreat Leader
Exploring the intersection of food, memory, identity, and faith.

Parish Administrators in the Diocese of Atlanta: two time retreat leader on “Finding Sabbath in the Everyday.”

Women’s Source, Gainesville GA: Monthly presenter on the stresses, challenges, and chaos of the Holiday season, especially for women.

Daughters of the King of the Diocese of Atlanta: two time retreat leader on the Book of Psalms as the Original Prayer Book

Consecration Sunday (stewardship program): guest preacher for numerous congregations of differing denominations.

Holy Innocents Episcopal Church: parish retreat leader on the power of story to convey and shape our identity.

Grace Episcopal Church: multiple retreat and quiet day leader on the Life you Could Have; Food, Faith, and Identity; and Finding Kindred Spirits in the Psalms.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church: retreat leader for women’s group on the power and challenges of friendship.

Resurrection Episcopal Church: retreat leader for women’s group on the Life you Could Have.

Daughters of the King, Holy Family Episcopal Church: multiple time quiet day leader on the Life you Could Have; the Book of Psalms and the Power of Prayer; and an exploration of my book, Phe and the Work of Death.